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by Denise Hodgins ODH

  Garden Coach  Denise Hodgins ODH


Need a Speaker for a group?  Covid 19 has made us look at things very different but I am able to now provide my presentations by Zoom.  This includes powerpoint presentation on screen while I speak.Here are just a few of my most popular topics.  Looking for something and don't see it on this list just ask!

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WHO, WHAT AND WHERE - Do you feel that you need something to finish the look of a room in your home?  How about an indoor plant? Houseplants can be a valuable tool in decorating our homes but many of us struggle with what to put where.  And the biggest question of all – Will it live?  Topics covered are plants and their growing requirements.


STARTING SEEDS AND CUTTINGS –There is nothing that signifies spring more than the emergence of a tiny, bright green shoot from the soil. Learn the best methods of planting, watering, lighting and fertilizing seeds indoors as well as how to take cuttings and increase your plants.


HOW TO CARE FOR INDOOR PLANTS – There are two main factors that people get wrong in taking care of their house plants: water and light. With tropical house plants, it is a good idea for us to imagine their natural environment and try to recreate it. What most people do wrong is give their house plants too much water and too little light.


UNDERSTANDING GARDEN LINGO –Every hobby seems to have its own jargon, and gardening is no different. Here’s a brief rundown of gardening terms that can leave novices confused.  Understanding the basic terms will bring new meaning to your growing passion.


THE BUSY GARDENER –Not exactly “speed gardening” – but close – this presentation gives gardeners the list of top garden jobs for each area of the garden month by month. Staying ahead of the “garden game” allows you to get your garden off to a good start with better results, and less effort.  It also gives you more time for those other things in your life!  From turf to tomatoes, there are tips for everyone.


PERENNIALS FOR THE SHADE – Woodland and shade gardens create peaceful and dramatic areas in a landscape. Shade perennials allow the gardener to add creativity to the garden with form, texture, and color. This seminar will concentrate on identification, size and habit, ornamental characteristics, advantages, and potential problems of familiar favourites as well as many of the newest and best cultivars.


PERENNIALS FOR THE SUN –You can create a perennial garden guaranteed to bloom in a rainbow of colours from early spring until late fall, whatever your site location.  We’ll cover everything you need to know about perennials, including roses.  Learn about plant selection, soil types, seeding, and propagation.


PERENNIAL MATH 101 - Want more plants? This seminar will familiarize you with equipment and techniques needed to become a master plant propagator from your plants in your garden.


FERTILIZERS – What is fertilizer and why do plants need it? Fertilizer adds important nutrients to the soil that your plant may be lacking. Different types of plants require different types of fertilizer so be sure to check this seminar and learn how to get the most from your fertilizers.


HOW GREEN IS YOUR LAWN? –Join us for a seminar and learn all about the best and most-effective lawn for your specific conditions. Learn about the different types of lawn for shade and sun. Find out if sod or seed is better for your application and discover the best practices to keep your lawns in good health with a minimum of energy and no chemicals. Get ready for a season of enjoying your beautiful green lawn.


PRUNE AWAY! – What and when to prune your trees, shrubs and other plants in your garden.

Are you afraid to prune and lose the blossoms? Is your shrub overgrown or misshapen? Learn how to make basic cuts, how cuts influence growth, the best tools to prune with, and when to stop cutting.


THE 3 B’S OF CONTAINER GARDENING – (Boxes, Barrels and Baskets) – Growing plants in containers has surely gained popularity over the years. Let us take you through the necessary steps in producing a container that’s sure to turn heads. We’ll cover such topics as container selection, soil type, plants, placement and maintenance. Don’t let a lack of garden space leave you with a lack of color this summer.


WHO ARE THE STRANGERS IN YOUR LAWN AND GARDEN – Learn identification and management strategies for some broadleaf and grassy weeds common to landscape and turf and find out options on how to deal with these pesky problems.

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